Saturday, August 08, 2020

Ban of Single-use Plastics Enforced in Iligan

(Friday, 10th day of January 2020)


Iligan City – LGU Iligan enforce the City Ordinance No. 19-6814 (Comprehensive Plastic Ban) all over the City.

As we all are aware, plastic has been one of the greatest contributors to pollution in today’s world and has been responsible for the deaths of countless animals both on land and water. Numerous numbers of marine animals suffer unexplained deaths until they are autopsied, only to find out that they have been eating plastic which have accumulated in their stomachs, never to be digested and expelled from their bodies, starving and poisoning them. We also have clogged drains that cause flooding, destruction of properties, and the spread of water-borne diseases.

The government never lacked proper education and reminders on the effects of misuse of plastics and we all were taught how to properly dispose of garbage. We have also tried segregation and some of the people now are applying proper disposal of waste in their homes, however, it’s no longer helping. Garbage, non-biodegradable at that, has been piling up on our land-fills, some end up on the waters leading towards the oceans. There are also a lot of people who throw bits and pieces of trash on the streets and bags of trash on empty lots. Despite education and awareness, people are still adamant and tenacious. The public’s actions leave the authorities no other choice but to the total ban of single-use plastics. Plastics such as disposable plastic plates, utensils (spoon, fork, knife, etc.), disposable plastic cups, straws, and stirrers, Styrofoam, plastic gloves, and plastic bags in general, are some of the examples of the banned items.

There are, however, alternatives to the banned items. We can use Katcha (canvass tote bags), eco-bags, net bags, bayong (weaved-dried leaves), recycled bags, bulsita (paper bags), reusable lunch boxes, banana leaves, wooden utensils, stainless steel straws, reusable containers, and tumblers or jugs.

Most of the people may see this inconvenient and hassle but look at the price we paid for convenience: destroyed forests, contaminated waters, global warming, and the inevitable early death of the earth, which is just basically the only planet we are living in and the only planet that can support life.

Hopefully one day we will realize that banning the items that offer convenience at the expense of the lives of other living creatures on the planet will do us good in the long run and help to preserve the world we live in. We are already way past awareness and education, what we need are discipline and iron hands, and it is a matter of just getting used to, give it time and we will get used to bringing containers and our own bags shopping in markets and groceries.

May we learn to give up small luxuries and comfort for the assurance of our future generations to have a planet to call home.


– Kristoff S. /CIO-Web