Saturday, March 23, 2019

A Blissful Morning at the Anahaw Amphitheater

(Monday, 15th day of May 2017)


ILIGAN CITY – A blissful morning happened today, May 15, at Anahaw Amphitheater, Iligan City Hall, when our adored Mayor Celso Gomera Regencia attended the weekly flag raising ceremony and gave an inspiring and good-humored speech.

People were all smiles and joy can be seen on the people’s faces as Mayor Regencia walked by them on the way to the podium. The folks were energized. The mayor started his speech with a joke, saying: “I just got back from the NETHERLANDS. Limonsodan, Rogongon, Netherlands, that is.” People laughed, but unfortunately, things went downhill instantly as the mayor announced he has a warrant of arrest on his way, he was charged with Grave Abuse of Authority.  He assured the people, that the warrant is bailable, there is nothing to worry about, although it is causing distress to him and obviously to the people of Iligan.” He laughingly said: “Don’t fret, if I would be imprisoned, all the other members of the council and department heads will follow. The time is just about right, I went to the city jail yesterday and the new cells are almost done. It won’t be hot there because there are no walls, rather only rails.” He added that the legal officer is already booked for Manila to sort things out. Besides, according to him, he’s already used to being accused of things and being dragged down by people with crab mentality. Inasmuch as he wants to focus on the issues the city is facing, he can’t, because of all the distractions being thrown at him by the opposition. This situation is costing him his health.

He also declared that he will be releasing the midyear bonus for the regular employees and is still working on the casual employees to have theirs, thus, despite the bad news, because of the Mayor’s disposition that morning, the sun still smiled at Anahaw.


– –  Kristoff S. – WEB/CIO