Saturday, March 24, 2018

Diyandi: The Term Used To Celebrate, Or Is It?

(Tuesday, 9th day of May 2017)


ILIGAN CITY – “Diyandi  in Maranao means final destiny, associated with death,” Mr. Ditto Maruhom, MSU-IIT Security Chief, said during the first Public Hearing on the official use of the term for the local festival of the city. The Public Hearing was held on Friday, May 5 at 2 pm at the Sangguniang Panglungsod Conference Room. Diyandi  signifies a celebration during burial among Maranaos, because death means to be with Allah,”  Ms. Gloria  Villaraza, a half-Maranao and the Macapagal Ancestral House Administrator, explained.

Mr. Maruhom and Ms Villaraza suggested to do more research on the word and both said it would be best to ask the tribal groups—the Higaonons, the Maranaos and the Lumads  on their opinions on this matter. Mr. Pat Dejaño Noel of the City Tourism Office, pointed out that Diyandi, the Iligan City festival, at its conception, is used in the context of the Higaonons. To them the word means to celebrate a good harvest which is usually done at the end of the year. Mr. Noel added that the term also refers to the dance offered to St. Michael, the Patron Saint of the city, by a group of ladies during the saint’s feast day. Mr. Jeffrey Wong of the Iligan Bloggers Society, on the other hand, suggested to focus and direct the event on a specific theme just like Bacolod’s Masskara festival. Ms. Margarita Ungab-Madlangbayan of Lambo Iligan recommended that the 27th of September, when the street dancing is held, should be declared a holiday instead of the 30th so the students from private schools would have the chance to witness and experience the events during the festivity. This is to promote and instill in the hearts of the younger generation the richness of the culture and tradition of their ancestors.

The second hearing on the issue is scheduled on May 12 in the same venue. Suggestions and information on the matter are encouraged.


– –  Kristoff S. – WEB/CIO