Friday, May 29, 2020

DOE Conducts Seminar on Fire Hazard Caused by Mishandled Petroleum Products

(Tuesday18th day of September 2019)


Iligan City – The Department of Energy (DOE), conducted a seminar about Butane/LPG canister and portable stove in the Department of Trade and Industry conference room on September 17.

The DOE explains the importance of safety and proper handling of portable stoves and butane/LPG canisters. Most containers and canisters are disposable and not refillable but there are several illegal refilling stations spread nationwide. Multiple reports of accidents such as fire outbreaks and explosions occurred not only in the country but also in different locations worldwide. A portable stove is convenient and efficient but it should be used according to its purpose, the equipment should only be used in a restaurant or on an open-air camping site but never in a household. The DOE also stresses out the importance of purchasing original and standard LPG tanks and Butane canisters only.

The seminar also tackled the danger of buying and storing petroleum products in unapproved containers. There are containers made with materials that break down with the exposure of petroleum products thus leading to different fire accidents. The DOE made it clear that the vapor of the petroleum products is as dangerous as the fluid itself and most fire accidents start from unsecured covers and leaking containers.

The DOE is hoping to work hand in hand with the public to lessen if not eradicate the anguish and waste brought upon by mere carelessness and lack of knowledge on handling petroleum products.


– –  Kristoff S.