Monday, May 21, 2018

Iligan CCR Conducts Civil-Wedding Seminar

(Friday, 11th day of August 2017)


ILIGAN CITY – A free marriage seminar was conducted by the City Civil Registrar’s Office (CCR) headed by Ms. Norma Aranton Head of CCR Marriage Division, Ms. Corazon Suerte Head of CCR Birth Division, and Ms. Lani Sabadoquia Head of CCR Death Division at Brgy. San Tiago (Santiago) Gymnasium on August 3.

“Our main goal is basically to wed these people,” Ms. Aranton said in an interview. “Most people move in together without marriage because of reasons like lack of budget for wedding and yet have children without thinking that they deprive the kids of their legal rights, and that their children are actually illegitimate. Thus this seminar is to open their minds to the importance of marriage and consequently help their children enjoy the benefits they rightly deserve, by legalizing things,” she added.

Ms. Aranton explained that this is a process and as much as they want to wed all the unwed couples who are living together, they also want to educate these couples on what they have had entered into. That’s why as they hold mass weddings, they also require seminars prior to the wedding. The CCR invite various speakers to discuss marriage, family planning, and other legal matters.

A government program and effort such as this is very helpful so the public would no longer find any excuse not to marry their partners because the government itself is reaching out to them. Registration can be done at the CCR and also in their respective Barangays (for last-minute registration), the marriage seminar follows, and so does the mass wedding sponsored by the government. Couples who have been living together for five years or more, and who are 23 years old or older are free of any charge; while those who have been living together for less than five years, and who are younger than 23 years old need to pay an approximate amount of not less than three hundred pesos for processing fee.

The CCR coordinated with the Lampornas San Tiago Chapter led by Ms. Rebecca Sistoso, Chapter President. Ms. Sistoso mentioned that there were unforeseen circumstances and challenges, caused intentionally or unintentionally, along the way in making events like these possible in their barangay. However, the president stayed positive and kept moving forward. “In any trial and obstacle in our development, we should never falter, we should stand firm, because if no one would stand up for the people of Barangay San Tiago, the people would be hapless,” (Sa bisan unsa nga mga pagsulay ug babag sa kalamboan, dili gayud kita angay magpa-lupig; mobarog gayud kita, kay kon walay mobarog alang sa mga katawhan sa Santiago, ang mga tawo makaluluoy.) Ms. Sistoso stated.

Ms. Aranton claimed that the participants in the said seminar in Brgy. San Tiago exceeded the number of participants in a similar seminar conducted in Kiwalan, Iligan City, proof that people are interested to do their fair share and work hand-in-hand with the government. In fact, the CCR has been more active and aggressive in implementing programs like these. The CCR is very hands-on and is making great efforts for this program to succeed and continue. As Ms. Aranton assured, she can’t see this program coming to a halt, rather, this program can only move further and can prosper with proper coordination and support from the government and the people of Iligan.


– –  Kristoff S./Web-CIO