Thursday, July 19, 2018

Iligan City Consecrated to the Blessed Mother

(Wednesday, 19th day of July 2017)


“Kini nga kalihukan sa Mary’s Mission Tour under sa Society of St. Pius the X campaign sa paghalad sa kaugalingon sa mahal nga Birhen mao man na iyang mensahe sa Portugal niadtong 1917 sakto nga 100 years na karon. Isa na sa iyang mensahe ang pag-hinulsol ug paghimayad sa mga sala especially sa mga wala nay ga-ampo para nila, labi na nga daghan na kaayo’g kahilayan sa katilingban karon. Appropriate kaayo ni sya samot na sa mga panghitabo karon, hilabi na nga daghan kayo’g kagubot nga nahitabo karon. Ato ni ihalad sa mahal nga Birhen nga ihilayo ta sa katalagman ug disgrasya.” (This is an activity of Mary’s Mission Tour under the Society of St. Pius the X, a campaign to offer ourselves to the blessed Virgin which is her message at her apparition in Portugal in 1917 in its 100th year. One of her messages is to have penance and to pay for our sins especially for those who no longer have anybody to pray for them, especially these days when vices abound. This is timely because we have a lot of things going on right now, more so with the conflict we are facing these days. Let’s offer these to the blessed Virgin to keep us from disaster and accidents.) Rhyan Gomez (Organizer, Latin Mass Iligan City Chapter) told the reporter in an interview after the Latin Mass. In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the apparition of Our Lady at Fatima, Portugal, Mayor Celso Regencia, represented by Councilor Renato Ancis, consecrated Iligan City to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, assisted by Rev. Fr. John Timothy Pfeiffer, FSSPX at the City Hall on July 14.

The term “Latin Mass” is often used to refer to the Tridentine Mass, that is, the Roman-Rite liturgy of the Mass celebrated in Latin and in accordance with the successive editions of the Roman Missal published between 1570 and 1962. (

For nearly 1,400 years, the Traditional Latin Mass was the Liturgy of the Catholic world. It was the Mass at which practically every Pope, and Saint and Christian of the West worshiped from 600 A.D. to 1970 A.D.

It was the Mass that Catholic martyrs shed their blood to preserve the faith during the Protestant Reformation. It was the Mass that united Christians across continents and across centuries. It has been described as “the most beautiful thing in this side of heaven.” (

A procession was done by the Catholic staff around the City Hall while singing Marian Songs. The priest made a short sermon and distributed scapulars and miraculous medals. The activity ended with a celebration of the Tridentine Mass.

“Si Santa Maria mangita gayud sa iyang mga anak diri sa yuta, mao kini ang gi-ingon ni Santa Maria sa Fatima niadtong 1917 tungod kay kahibalo siya sa makalilisang nga panahon nga moabot sa simbahan karon. Daghan na og mga kasingkasing sa tawo nga bugnaw karon. Daghan na og lain mga relihiyon nga wala na kaila sa kamatuoran. Nagpakita siya sa Fatima kaniadto para mohatag sa mga instrumento para kita makaatubang sa mga problema karon (sama sa) problema sa tintasyon, problema sa nagkandaiyang sekta, problema sa gubat. Miduol siya para sa kausaban sa mga kasing-kasing. Gipakita niya nga ang iyang kasingkasing napuno ug libo-libong mga tunok, tungod sa libo-libo pud nga tunok sa Sagrado nga Kasing-kasing ni Hesu Kristo. Gusto ni Santa Maria nga kita modungan kaniya mosamba kang Hesu Kristo, nga makighiuli kang Kristo. Si Santa Maria gihatag kanato sama sa usa ka-inahan, para moatiman kanato, para motabang nato nga maluwas. Dili ta makasalig sa kaugalingon natong pag-ampo lamang, sama nga ang bata modagan sa iyang inahan kita modagan kang Maria para motabang siya kanato para kita mahiduol sa Diyos. Kung mo-atubang ka sa Diyos puno og sala isalikway gyud ka Niya, pero kung mo-atubang ka sa Diyos, nga gikuyogan sa Iyang Inahan, masalikway ba ka Niya?” (The Blessed Mother Mary is looking for her children here on earth, this is what she said in Fatima in 1917 because she knew of the horrors that are happening in the Church today. Many hearts are already cold these days. There are many sects that no longer know the truth. She appeared in Fatima to give us the instruments we could use in facing the problems today, problems such as: temptations, other sects, war. She reached out to us for us to have a change of heart. She showed us her heart which is filled with thousands of thorns caused by the thousands of thorns in the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  Mary wants us to go with her to worship Jesus Christ, to go back to Jesus. The Blessed Virgin was given to us as a mother to take care of us, to help save us. Let’s not rely on our own prayers, as a child runs to her mother, let’s run to Mary so she can help us be closer to the Lord. If we would face the Lord filled with our sins we would be forsaken, but if we wouldl face the Lord accompanied by His mother, could He forsake us?) Fr. Pfeiffer stated in a short interview after the Sacred Mass. He also emphasized that Catholics don’t worship Mary. Catholics do ask the Blessed Mother’s intercession.


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