Thursday, July 19, 2018

Iligan City Tourism Office Conducts a Seminar on Frontline and F&B Services

(Tuesday, 1st day of August 2017)


ILIGAN CITY – The City Tourism Office of Iligan conducted a 3-day seminar on Frontline Service and Basic Food and Beverage Service on July 25-27 at Plaza Alemania Hotel.

“This is part of the mission of the City Tourism Office, to train our personnel. This is also very timely, because to provide excellent service, we have to update our knowledge,” Ms. Donna Belle G. Olado, Senior Tourism Operations Officer of the Iligan City Tourism Office, stated during the Frontline Service Seminar on July 25. “May this be an instrument to expand the membership of Iligan Hotels and Resorts Restaurant Association (IHARRA) encouraging more private establishments to join,” she added.

The Participants of the frontline service seminar were chosen staffs from different departments of the city hall and from the members of IHARRA. The Frontline Service Seminar focused on the work attitudes of the staffs who interact directly with guests and customers; the participants were taught how to deal with the guests and customers properly. “Be a service-oriented person. If you are happy with what you’re doing, you can work with less stress and you won’t complain. If you complain a lot, quit,” advised Ms. Alma Valleser, MHPM in her lecture on frontline service. “We can think, we can talk, we can contemplate in such a short time,” she opined.

Councilor Sol Bacsarpa graced the event where she gave a speech. “Iligan is at its highest peak of promotion,” said councilor Sol, “We are already at the first steps, we can only climb up,” she added.

Emphasis on the food and beverage aspect of the restaurant and bars was given on the last two days of the said seminar. Proper table etiquette and different dining utensils were introduced to the participants in the hope that this would be instilled into their minds and when they get back to their respective restaurants this would be applied and shared to others. “You have to mind your manners and know how to carry yourself in front of the guests,” said Mr. Dan Jose Dy Yuchayco, resource person on the F&B seminar. “Be honest, be punctual, and work effectively,” he advised.

The City Tourism Office is doing its best and is turning the tables to their advantage. We might be experiencing crisis today but according to the said Office, our hotels are fully-booked. As our city is the talk of the town, might as well take benefit from it and boost our popularity among neighboring cities and the rest of the country. And as the status of the economy of the city is surging so should our standard when it comes to hospitality and good customer service.


– –  Kristoff S. – Web/CIO


(from left) Mr. Dan Jose Dy Yuchayco (resource person), Ms. Josephine Roque (Senior Tourism Operations Officer Region X), Mr. J. Adrian C. Flores (Administrative Aide IV), Ms. Donna Belle G. Olado (Senior Tourism Operations Officer Iligan CIty)

Mr, J. Adrian C. Flores Administrative Aide IV and Resource Person Ms. Alma Valleser MHPM