Friday, May 29, 2020

Labor Groups in Iligan, Commemorates the 113th Labor Day Celebration

(Thursday2nd day of May 2019)


ILIGAN CITY – Hundreds of workers yesterday marched to Iligan City Rizal Park in celebrating the “113th Labor Day” on Wednesday to expose the rights of Filipino workers and pay attention to current issues affecting workers. This is the best day for them to bring attention to their grievances. The group from different sectors in the city demanded a wage increase, end of contractualization, job security, maternity leave full implementation and abolishing inhumane working conditions or unnatural conditions of employment. While, Iligan City Police Office (ICPO) supports free expression of concerns from the workers and assures that their force are always ready to secure the public from any eventuality as well as guarantee the outmost respect for human rights. They also laud the workers for commemorating Labor Day in an orderly and peaceful manner.


– –  Maricris J. Tumimbang / CIO