Saturday, December 15, 2018

Local Tourism Office Holds Community Guiding Training

(Friday, 1st day of December 2017)


ILIGAN CITY – Iligan City Tourism Office organized a community guiding training on November 28 at Elena Tower Inn. Representatives from different barangays and students from MSU-IIT participated in the event.

The day started with a lecture on bird watching. Mr. Adrian Constantino, Tour Leader, Bird Guide / Birding Philippines, pointed out the capability of Iligan to become a bird watching destination considering that there are hundreds of birds endemic to Mindanao and the lush vegetation and unexplored parts of the area could be a haven to birds. He showed the participants different images and audio clippings of birds found in Mindanao and the probability that these birds could just be around the corner, waiting to be discovered and admired.

Atty. Dexter Sumaoy, City Administrator, graced the activity on behalf of the City Mayor saying: “Tourism in Iligan is in need of young people to learn things, in the hope that the skills and knowledge learnt can be used for the city to flourish.”

“It is very important that we have these kind of people (tour guides), knowledgeable people to help promote the city. We educate representatives from different potential barangays to tap them to share the knowledge they learned from these trainings to the rest of the community,” said Ms. Donna Belle Olado, Senior Tourism Operations Officer / Iligan City Tourism Office.

This shows the effort of both the local government and the local communities to work hand-in-hand. Cooperation and hard work are the keys to this partnership between the LGU and the public. Training the community will assure that guests and tourists will be better handled professionally and tourist exploitation will be lessened if not avoided.

As Ms. Yael Fernandez, DOT-Accredited Mabuhay Tour Guide, expressed, “Tour guiding is not only taking people to beautiful places and taking pictures, it’s about sharing history, and culture.”

The said event was attended by Finn Snow, Icelandic-American traveler and vlogger who visited Iligan City with the Department of Tourism Regional Director, Ms. Marie Elaine Unchuan, to explore and tour parts of Mindanao. “We got to find the strength here in the Philippines. Sometimes you have to remind the Filipinos that your strength is the people, and you should brand your strength. The people, along with nature, that’s the best way to build the sustainable tourism here,” Mr. Snow said. The vlogger admires the Philippines and finds it hard to describe the warmth of the Filipinos. We should notice and be grateful for the richness of our land, the natural resources and the people; and most of the time, it takes a foreigner to remind us of that.


– –  Kristoffer Sexon / Web-CIO


(from left) Ms. Josephine H. Roque (Senior Tourism Operations Officer Region X) Ms. Marie Elaine Unchuan (Regional Director Department of Tourism-Region X), Mr. Adrian Constantino, Atty. Dexter Sumaoy, Ms. Donna Belle Olado

Bird Watching Lecture by Mr. Adrian Constantino


Mr. Finn Snow, traveller, blogger


Work Values Formation & Service Excellence in Tourism Lecture by Ms. Yael Fernandez