Friday, May 29, 2020

LPCC-Iligan: Year-End Assessment & 2019 Planning

(Wednesday, 19th day of December 2018)


Iligan City – The Local Price Coordinating Council (LPCC) headed by the chairman, Mayor Celso G. Regencia carried out an evaluation of the 2018 year-end assessment and planning for the upcoming year 2019 on December 14, 2018 (Friday) at 10:00 A.M in the morning to 2:00 P.M in the afternoon.

An integral component of the council, the assessment determines whether or not the targets are met and the reasons for such whether it needs an improvement or not. Hence, leading to a formulation of a more realistic action plan for the continued implementation and strengthening of the master plans for upcoming year 2019.

The event intends to look back and celebrate what have been successfully accomplished of the whole year 2018 while looking forward to forge new milestones. Provincial director, Ruel Paclipan, in his Opening Remarks thanked the government employees as well as the private sectors for a job well done and for working together as a team. “We are a team not only because we work together, we are a team because we cooperate and respect each idea for each other”, he said.

The council came up with several activities that were done per agency which include various Output Monitoring and Enforcement, Quarterly Meetings Barangay Awareness-Raising Campaigns for Consumer Empowerment (BARCCE) at Mt. Hindang, Permits and Licenses Division’s (PLD) Calibration of Weighing Scales and Gasoline Stations, BARCCE Fair Trade Laws (FTL) Briefing for Grocery Stores at Brgy. Bonbonon, Monitoring for Bote-bote spearheaded by CMO-PLD, FTL Briefing for Hardware, Appliance Stores, 4 Restaurants & Food Services spearheaded by City Health Office (CHO), 5 Boutiques/RTWs with the PLD, LPCC Emergency Meeting with Rice traders, Monitoring of Agricultural Products spearheaded by City Agriculture Office (CAG), 13th LPCC Consumer Quiz, 3rd Vendors’ Quiz, NFA launches Rice SRP and new rice label standards, Christmas lights monitoring, BARCCE Operation Timbangan spearheaded by CMO-PLD and prices of products, Presentation of the Accomplishments, Problems, Concerns and Actions Taken, Presentation Programs of Innovations and Highlights and Consumers Satisfaction Feedback especially the water refilling stations monitoring. An Open Forum later transpired to discuss pressing action plans for the next year, recommendations and programs to be deliberated and resolved.


Month Programs
January National MicroInsurance Month (Proc. 1212)
February Countryside Development Month (Proc. 212)
March Fire Prevention Month
April Planet Earth Month (Proc. 1482)
May Electrical Safety Month (Proc. 193)
June Consciousness and Honesty Watch (Proc. 1782)
August Opration Timbangan
Cental and Pala-o Market, Ambulant vendors’,laundry,
November Seminar for the LPCC Member on Liquid Petrolium Products (LPP) and Liquid Petrolium Gas (LPG)
Rice Awareness Month
Early Next year 100% Monitoring on Water Refilling Stations, Accredit-
ation of the ICWS laboratories
Closure order for the 4 Water Refilling Stations
Bote-bote, LPG Canisters Monitoring
Make a council resolution
Consumer welfare and protection
Seminar on cellphone and radio



Updates and Plans per Agency
PLD Operation Timbangan, 92 confiscated; 75 claimed
CAG Fruits and vegetables -stable supply
Meat Products stable supply & price
Recommendation: include aquamarine products for monitoring on 2019
CHO Water Refillers non-compliant to the required laboratory testing, physical & bacteriological test
NTC DICT: by year 2023 no analog switch off, all TVs will be digital
Warning: Standard TVs are not digital; continuous warnings on text scams
through radios and televisions
recommendation: briefing from NTC for LPCC members
PNP Iligan City is still secured, no problem so far
BFP Bote-bote canisters/proper handling of confiscated canisters
EEDMO Central monitoring of timbangan and prices of products
CMO-PLD Monthly meeting of FDLO members
timbangan ng bayan on every barangays to check;ambulant vendors’  laundry, timbangan
Certificate of recognition for every member agencies who are frequently present on monitoring
and enforcements; confiscations of uncalibrated timbangan
CMO Strengthen the operation timbangan
CMO-CIO Document all activities
for CAG El Niño update on January 2019
for NTC separated role from DICT, but attached agency
for PNP support the LPCC
FTL briefing with business establishments
Monitoring and enforcement of product standards
briefing and monitoring on service and repair shops particularly on Radio and cellphones (RAC)