Thursday, April 26, 2018

MASA MASID Program, launched in Iligan City

(Thursday, 16th day of February 2017)


The Local Government Unit of Iligan headed by Honorable City Mayor Celso G. Regencia formally welcomed the “MASA MASID or (Mamamayang Ayaw sa Anumalya, Mamamayang Ayaw sa Iligal na Droga) Program” launching of DILG , February 16, 2017 at Frosty Bites, Iligan City.

During the introduction of this program, Pol. Sr. Supt. Leony Roy Ga reported the significant decrease of the crime rate in the City. According to his report, since July – December of 2016, there has been a 24.02% decrease in crime. This is following the declaration of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s war against Drugs. As per Colonel Ga, Oplan Tokhang has played a major role in the decrease of the crime rate in Iligan. He was also pleased to inform that the threat situation in the City has been well contained.

For their Anti-Illegal Drugs Accomplishment, he said 153,180 house visit has been conducted including establishments. A total of 4817 has voluntarily surrendered, with 4473 users and 344 pushers. It is with honor that he mentioned the award to ICPO for having the highest volume of Illegal drugs confiscated, given by President Duterte during his visit in Iligan City last September 22, 2016.

Miss Liza Ladres of DILG X then mentioned the purpose of MASA MASID Program which is to 1, institutionalize volunteerism and 2, to highten community involvement, so that Iligan City will be an entirely safe and peaceful community. For the implementation of this program, DILG will conduct seminars and trainings to institutions (i.e schools, offices) and they will coordinate with the local media (i.e print, radio broadcast) for the dissemination of information. For the information gathering and reporting, they will organize a unified email, dropbox for every barangay and face to face. And the last item for implementation will be an organized community based rehabilitation program which will be jointly facilitated by DOH, DSWD and DILG.

The guest speaker for the launching program Roosque Calacat DILG A.Sec. of Barangay Affairs and Community Development then gave his speech for the program. According to him, it has been last 2002 since the Philippines was made aware of the problem on drugs. However, he mentioned that the upper men has not lifted a finger to resolve this. He mentioned that he was thankful for the presidency of President Duterte, who pushed through his war against drugs. During his talk, he mentioned that the family shall play a great role in maintaining a drug-free country. Since the family is where each individual is initially trained. As per A.Sec., almost 90% of those Drug dependents came from dysfunctional families. Therefore, the family shall play a great role in the recovery of those drug-dependents. Aside from family, ASec also mentioned that the Barangay will also greatly help with the clearing of drugs in the nation. The UBAS (Ugnayan ng Barangay At Simbahan) shall help disseminate the information to the residents and provide awareness of the negative effects that drugs can do to the users. This cooperation shall also help with the successful rehabilitation of the drug dependents.

Stakeholders, and several Governement Organizations as well as Officials has committed their full support for the MASA MASID Program of DILG. (Faustien Faez A. Rugay – City Information Office)