Friday, October 19, 2018

Registration of Motorela Discussed

(Thursday, 18th day of May 2017)


ILIGAN CITY – The First Public Hearing on MOTORELA (customized motorcycle) in ILIGAN CITY was held on May 11 at 2 p.m. at the SP Conference room. Mr. Michael Macarambon (LTO – Iligan City) stated that a motorcycle with the original design should be registered at the LTO and any modifications would need permission from the said office before the vehicle can be registered. Based on the 1993 City Ordinance, Passenger-type customization of any motorcycle is not allowed, however, this does not apply with cargo and business-types as these are acceptable modifications and can still be registered with the right permits (classified as “change-class”).

Regarding the newly produced and introduced Kawasaki brand RACAL, there are no city ordinance passed and approved about this matter yet, particularly whether they can or cannot run around the city. Therefore, with proper papers to support their legality, they can operate.

PNP traffic chief PSI James Daleon added that the enforcement of traffic rules and regulations are not limited to the traffic enforcers, any uniformed PNP staff can make a move against any traffic violators.

According to Councilor Eric Capitan, there would never be any problem if only we would abide by the rules and laws set for us. He is also asking that as much as possible, we have to register our vehicles and avoid any illegal transactions because if anything happens, we will never be compensated or assisted. Since the SP has been asked for assistance and support all these time, this time the councilor said that it is their turn to ask the public, he is only asking the associations (Badya, Racal, Habal2x, and all the other unofficial kinds of public transportation) to show the SP in return that they can control their units (especially their number and boundaries) because if all will be legalized, traffic would surely become a problem all over the city and that is what we want to avoid. In addition, Councilor Capitan is asking the people to compromise and to not compete with the “legals,” the Office has been scheduling everybody to run and operate on a specific time. “Let’s cooperate with each other,” the councilor pleaded. He ended the first public hearing by saying: “I am not closing doors (legalizing other modes of transportation aside from PUJ’s and PUV’s), but as of now, we are still observing and assessing the situation how to control all the other modes of transportation without stirring things. Rest assured we are not taking you for granted. We are looking after you, and the rest of the city.”

The schedule of the second hearing is yet to be arranged. Suggestions and information on the matter are encouraged.


– –  Kristoff S. – WEB/CIO