Monday, May 21, 2018


Iligan City Government Frontline Services
Giya sa Serbisyong Lokal or Local Services Guide is basically a "directory" which provides the public an easy guide on how to transact business with the Iligan City Government. It tells of what services are being offered, what requirements to bring, where to go, who to approach and time estimate to finish the transactions. This Services Guide is also known as "Citizen's Charter."But this is more than just a guide. It is a document on transparency and accountability, that empowers the public to monitor and evaluate the performance of the city government in terms of the service standards it has set. In effect, this is a measure of performance for the the city to gauge the effectiveness of its services.
1.City Mayor’s Office Granting a Business Permit
Application Form for Business Permit
Provision of Assistance for the Conduct Tournaments and Games
E.O.193, series of 2014-Institutionalizing the Simplified Business Registration for New Businesses in Iligan City
2. Sangguniang Panlungsod Approval of Subdivision Project
Request for Copy of Resolution and/or Ordinances
CALL FOR ACCREDITATION FORM of POs, NGOs, CSOs,Business and Professional Groups
3. City Administrator’s Office Emergency Response
Approval of Cheques
Approval of Job Order Requests,Purchase Request, and Disbursement Voucher
Immediate Assistance
Emergency Related Training, Monitoring and Out of Town Travel Request
4. City Human Resource Management Office Granting of Scholarship Assistance
Employment Facilitation
5. City Legal OfficePreparation of Petition for Affidavit of Next of kin
Preparation of Petition for Drug Rehabilitation
6. City Planning and Development OfficeIssuance of Zoning/Locational Clearance
Provision of Data for Research and General Information
7. City Treasurer's OfficeAssessment and Payment of Business Tax
Billing and Payment of Real Property
8. City Assessor's OfficeIssuance of Declration of Land and Building Transfer of Ownership of Real Property
Issuance of Certification, Certified True/Plain Copy of Tax Declaration
9.City Accountant's OfficePre-audit and Control of Payrolls
Issuance of Certification(GSIS, Pag-ibig, PhilHealth)
10. General Service OfficeRegular Procurement of Supplies, Materials and Equipment
Property and Accountability Clearance
11.City Budget OfficeProcessing of Obligation Request
Pre-review of Barangay Annual ans Supplementary Budget
12.City Civil RegistrarApplication of Registration of birth born in Iligan City
Application for Issuance of Marriage License
13.City Agriculture OfficeAvailment of Farm Tractor Mobilization Services
Availment of Technical & Extension Services
14. Gregorio T. Lluch Memorial HospitalProvision of Out-Patient Services for New Clients
Provisionof Out-Patient Services for Old Clients
15. Iligan City Waterworks SystemApproval of Application for Water Service Connection(New/Separated/Transfer)
Repair and Maintenance Services of Iliga City WaterWorks System
16.City Social Welfare DevelopmentPreparation of Social Case Study Report
Provision of Social Welfare Programs Services to the Poor
17.City Engineer's OfficePreparation and Processing of Program of Work
Granting of Building and Occupancy Permit
18. City Health OfficeOut-Patient Consultation
Issuance of Health Certificate Food Handler
19.Economic Enterprise Development and Management OfficeProvision of Public Market Stalls for Lease to the Public
Provision of Low Cost Burial Services at City Owned Cemeteries
20. City Veterinary OfficeProvision of Rabies Vaccination Services(Walk-In)
Provision of Animal Treatment Services(Walk-In)
21. City Development and Livelihood OfficeLivelihood Assistance throught the National Wealth Funds
City Livelihood Assistance Program(CLAP) Loan
22. City Environment and Management OfficeIssuance of Quarry/Mining Permits
Issuance of Environmental Certifications