Friday, May 29, 2020

Why Special Cafgu Active Auxiliary (SCAA) is created in Iligan?

(Monday, 7th day of January 2019)


Iligan City Government officials and employees headed by the City Mayor Celso Regencia gathered together to attend the first Monday of the year’s flag raising ceremony this morning January 7, 2019 at Anahaw Amphitheater.

Mayor Celso Regencia delivered his New Year message. Mayor Regencia, in his speech, countered the issues about creating Special Cafgu Active Auxiliary (SCAA) in the city as well as clarifies that SCAA is created for the protection and safety of the “Iliganons”. As an elected official and “Father of the City”, he created the SCAA during the outbreak of Marawi, with the approval of the President. “Namugna na ang SCAA kay tungod sa nahitabo sa kagubot sa Marawi, dili para ako’y alagaran o aron pag gwardya sa ako panimalay. (The SCAA was created because of the chaos in Marawi, not to serve me nor to guard my residence,)”, The City Mayor wants to be sure that his people are safe and living with peace regardless of whatever their tribes are. “Wala koy labot ug Ilonggo, Higaonon, Maranao o aha paka gikan nga tribu kun aduna ikaw gihimo nga kalapasan sa balaod dili magpanagana ang opisina sa mayor ug kapulisan og kasundaluhan sa pagdakop kaninyo. (I don’t care if you are an Ilonggo, Higaonon, Maranao or whichever tribe you come from, if you break the law, the Office of the Mayor, our Police, and military would never hesitate to apprehend you,)