Saturday, February 23, 2019


(Monday, 2nd day of July 2018)


ILIGAN CITY – Tuklas Innovations Labs: Popularizing Indigenous Knowledge as Early Warning to Reduce Disaster Risks TUKLAS is implemented nationwide by a consortium of (4) four non-government organizations (NGOs) with a strong presence in over a thousand communities in the Philippines. This is a community-centered innovation project that seeks to discover home-grown solutions on disaster risk reduction and management Launching at an event on June 28, 2018, the Innovation Team: Success Initiatives, Inc. conducted a seminar-workshop headed by Engr. Cesar Y. Yamuta with the invited guests from different agencies and government offices of Iligan City at Radz Grill House, Ubaldo Laya, Iligan City which started at 2:00 am in the afternoon.

Innovation teams imparted their journey to innovation and disaster preparedness experts including the pivots they have done based on the feedback and experiences of the community. Discussions included during the workshop were identifying the current issues or concerns the City of Iligan is facing right now, the disasters that affected the community in the last 10 years, different organizations and institutions involved upon implementation of Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRMM) in the community and the identification of the urgent needs of the different groups or sectors in the city. This aims to examine and improve the direct impact of the built environment on emergencies, so important in communities facing natural disasters. The project seeks to find and support ideas that would build safer communities here in Iligan City especially that we had a devastating experience with the tropical storm “Sendong” that took the lives of thousands of people and left survivors homeless. Disasters are becoming more frequent, fatal and severe, and it is usually the poor Filipino communities who suffer the greatest and are the ones usually taking the toll. The project, called TUKLAS Innovation Labs offer support for the development and implementation of ideas that could help lessen the economic, environmental and human costs of natural and human-created disasters in the country. This brings together knowledge and resources from across the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) to provide agencies with practical resources on how to deliver preparedness effectively especially in our city. Innovations produced by the labs could range from developing better building materials and that are more resistant to flooding, landslides or earthquakes or easier to transport when reconstruction is needed. Making sure that the innovative ideas come from these communities is very relevant and will make them better able to prepare for and respond to disasters.” This project will run out of a community that is globally known for its vulnerability. This is an absolutely new idea in disaster preparedness and risk reduction in our community. We believe that the city has enormous capacities, which need to be tapped into a recognized and developed way. Tuklas is currently conducting an innovation progress in Iligan City first to assess how far the innovations have gone and the support teams will need in the upcoming months. We hope these searched innovations will not only help the local community but will also be replicable to solve similar problems elsewhere.


– –  Irhene Mae F. Novises / CIO