Tuesday, July 05, 2022

Vision & Mission


Iligan is envisioned to become a beautiful and dynamic industrial and disaster-prepared metropolitan city where God-loving, healthy culturally-diverse people excel globally, governed with transparency, live in harmony with nature and resilient to climate change.



  • To make the culturally-diverse people of Iligan City a healthy, God-loving and globally competitive individuals living in a just society.
  • To sustain Iligan as an industrial and commercial city and advance its potentials on tourism and information technology and communications.
  • To properly and effectively manage the resources of the city and promote ecological consciousness among the people.
  • To practice a transparent and accountable governance characterized by simple and efficient systems and procedures known and understandable by the general public.
  • To develop the resiliency of the city through capacity building and institutionalization of disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation and management in all levels of governance.