Saturday, August 13, 2022

Diyandi: It’s All About Positivity

(Tuesday, 16th day of May 2017)


ILIGAN CITY – On the 13th of May at 2 p.m. in the SP Conference Hall the second Public Hearing on the official use of the term for the local festival of the city was held. At present, the date of the festival starts on the 20th of September and ends on the 1st Monday of October which is the Naval or “Pagpasaka.”

Radyo ng Bayan Representative, Ms. Macarambon said: “Our Muslim brothers and sisters appreciated the idea that their thoughts about the matter were considered. However, it is a celebration of the Christians, after all, so you can name it however you want. We could compromise and we all can look at it positively. We can, nonetheless celebrate with your festivities.” She even joked: “Mamista lang pud mi.”

Mr. Rey Ramos of the Iligan Bloggers Society supported the positive meaning of the term Diyandi and according to him, they researched about the matter and so far, all they can find are positive attributes of Diyandi.

Mr. Ditto Maruhom, MSU-IIT Security Chief, said that we should finalize the term Diyandi and focus solely on the positive meanings of the word so, once and for all, we would have that name, make it our own, and give it the meaning we want it to have.

Councilor Ate Sol Bacsarpa mentioned that we should bring back the original colors, dances, and music because the Diyandi festival, as the years pass by, has become more and more like Cebu’s Sinulog, she observed.

Now that the festival already has a name, what we need to do is to concentrate on the activities and how we will make the festival bring a lasting impact.

The schedule of the final public hearing on the issue is still to be announced.


– –  Kristoff S. – WEB/CIO