Thursday, July 07, 2022

Employees at DepEd Iligan Schools are 100% Vaccinated

(Friday, 5th of November 2021)


Iligan City – As we are in danger of significant sickness and impairment from illnesses and viruses if we do not get vaccinated, the government is encouraging everyone to get the shots. This is also considering that many of these illnesses are highly transmittable and potentially fatal but preventable through the available vaccines provided and approved by the DOH.

Getting vaccinated serves two purposes: protecting ourselves and others around us. Because not everyone can be vaccinated, they rely on others to guarantee that they are protected against vaccine-preventable illnesses.

The government, through the Department of Education (DepEd), is collaborating with all other agencies to ensure that everyone plays their role in resolving today’s crisis, the Covid-19 pandemic. This is to highlight DepEd’s accomplishment in ensuring that schools, especially in Iligan City become safer for both educators and staff, extending to the students and their families.

The Top Performing Schools of DepEd Iligan in the Covid-19 Vaccination with 100% vaccinated teachers and employees are:

Catalino Sumile Memorial Elementary School (Sitio Mapalad, Dalipuga)

Doroteo S. Lloren Memorial School (Ascension Heights, Mibala, Tipanoy)

Lumbatin Elementary School (Pugaan)

Tomas Cabili Central School (Tomas Cabili)

Del Carmen Integrated School (Del Carmen)

Katipunan Elementary School (Katipunan, Rogongon)

Kianibong Elementary School (Rogongon)

Hopefully, this would inspire more Iliganons to receive the COVID-19 vaccines and to convey that the more citizens who get vaccinated, the closer we are to better days in this new normal.


– Kristoff S. / Web – CIO


Photo credits: DepEd