Iligan City is a coastal highly urbanized city in the Northern Mindanao region. Located at the Western coast of Mindanao facing Iligan Bay, bounded on the north by the Province of Bukidnon, on the south by the Province of Lanao del Norte and Lanao del Sur and on the West by Iligan bay. Although administratively independent due to its distinction as a highly urbanized city, Iligan is commonly grouped with the province of Lanao del Norte. It is approximately 795 kilometers southeast from "Metro Manila, the Capital city of the Philippines".

The city has a land area of 813.37 square kilometers or 314.04 square miles. Its population as determined by the 2020 Census was 363,115. This represented 7.23% of the total population of the Northern Mindanao region. Based on these figures, the population density is computed at 446 inhabitants per square kilometer or 1,156 inhabitants per square mile.



Resort Type










City Minimum Daily Wage

Non - Agricultural 365.00 Php

Agricultural 353.00 Php

Major Products

Crude Coconut Oil Coconut Acid Oil
Copra Pellets Sodium Hydrochlorite
Bleached Oil Industrial Salt
Cochin Oil Masonry Clinker
Edible Oil Flour
Caustic Soda Swine Base Feeds
Hydrochloric Acid LPG
Liquid Chlorine Lubricants

Major Industries

Granex Manufacturing Corporation
Mabuhay Vinyl Corporation
Pilmico Food Corporation
Phoenix LPG Philippines Incorporated
FCS Metal Corporation
National Power Corporation


Rural Transit
Super 5
Philippine Airlines
Cebu Pacific
2 Go Travels

Crime Index 2021

Total Crime Incidents 2,778
Crime Clearance Efficiency 91.12%
Crime Solution Efficiency 81.15%
Index Crime Rate 41.45 per 100,000 pax
Non - Index Crime Rate 44.95 per 100,000 pax
Special Law Crime Rate 44.95 per 100,000 pax
Traffic Incidents Crime Rate 44.95 per 100,000 pax
Religion Roman Catholic
Major Dialect Cebuano / Bisaya
Cultural Minority Higaonons / Maranao


Charter June 16, 1950 under RA 525
City Classification Highly Urbanized City
Congressional District Lone District
Land Area 81.337 Hectares
Soil Type Cool Highland
Population 363,115 (2020 census)
Number of Baranggays 44
Religion Roman Catholic
Major Dialect Cebuano / Bisaya
Cultural Minority Higaonons / Maranao
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Iligan City