Wednesday, October 20, 2021

MOVE UP Introduces ATS to LGU Iligan

(Thursday, 26th of August  2021)


Effective Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) refers to standardized coordination mechanisms used by refugee and IDP operations through the Refugee Coordination Model and the CCCM Cluster, respectively. Because it coordinates protection and assistance programming and takes a holistic approach to safeguard basic human rights and satisfying the needs of the camp population, CCCM is a critical type of humanitarian assistance.

The Temporary Covered Court Partition System (TCCP) is a versatile option for evacuee sheltering in indoor venues like multi-purpose halls or covered courts. It was created to be a low-cost, easy-to-understand, and constructed shelter using components readily available at local hardware stores. The TCCP’s assembly must also take into account the organization of restricted space to provide for an equitable distribution of natural light and ventilation. The model provides for quick and easy construction and disassembly of the units. A single-family of up to five persons can stay in the unit. Additionally, the TCCP when not used in evacuation sites may be used as kiosks during social events, broadening its range of applications and boosting its return on investment.

As Dr. Belinda “Bunz” Lim, the Mayor’s Representative stated that partitions and privacy play an important role in making the IDPs settle down, feel comfortable, and help them loosen up as, during calamities and crises, they are highly stressed. By providing the displaced persons this basic necessity could mean a lot to help ease what they are going through.

The objective of the activity is to demonstrate and install the prototype while also gathering input from the participating agency and community leaders on how to enhance it. Another goal of the activity is to ensure that the ATS model is funded and integrated into the LGU’s local strategy.


– Kristoff S. / Web – CIO