Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Citizen’s Charter

Iligan City Government Frontline Services
This Revised Citizen's Charter of the Iligan City Government 2017 is showcasing current frontline services of the different departments covered by the local government unit. As part of the continuous improvement in streamlining our processes, we are presenting to the public a transparent and accountable step by step procedure with requirements, corresponding costs, if any, and duration of time given per step and the responsible officer accountable in the transaction. A feedback mechanism is also in place for check and balance in the implementation of the guidebook.

In line with President Rodrigo R. Duterte's pronouncement for excellent government service and supported by the Civil Service Commission headed by Chairperson Dela Rosa Bala by issuing CSC MC No. 14, s. 2016, our main purpose for the guidebook is to prevent, it not eradicate fixers, graft and corruption practices by developing measures to enhance effectiveness and efficiency in serving the public.

About Iligan
City Officials
Feedback Mechanisms
Iligan City Government Organizational Structure
Vission & Mission
1. City Mayor’s OfficeGranting of Business Permit
Granting of Pre-Marriage Counseling Certificate
Granting of Blood Request
Conduct of Bloodletting
Relocation Assistance (Housing and Resettlement Program)
Technical and Survey Services (Housing and Resettlement Program)
Granting of Temporary Electrical Permit
2. Sangguniang PanlungsodGranting of Certificate of Bond to Barangay Chairman/Treasurer
Approval of Subdivision Project
Granting of Request of a copy of SP Resolution/City Ordinance
3. City Administrator’s OfficeApplication of Leave, Payroll Processing and Procurement of Office
Tour Guiding
4. City Planning and Development Office
Issuance of Zoning/Locational Clearance
Issuance of Certificate of Land Use/Zoning Classification
Provision of Data for Research & General Information
5. City Legal OfficeIssuance of Affidavit of Next of Kin
Subscription of Contract (Iligan City Government Transactions Only)
Provision of Free Legal Consultation/Service
6. City Human Resource Mgt. OfficeGranting of Scholarship Assistance
Issuance of No Objection Certification ( NOC ) for Special Recruitment Activity of Local & Overseas Recruitment Agencies
Issuance of Peso Certification for Local Job Applicants
Job Order Request Preparation
Receiving & Consolidation of Appointment Documents. For Submission to Civil Service Commission
Provision of Photocopy of Personnel Documents
GSIS Loan Confirmation
Issuance of Service Record
Processing of Payrolls for Regular Employees
Receiving of Application Letters
Processing of Travel Order Request
7. City Treasurer's OfficeAssessment of Business Tax
Issuance of Real Property Tax Statement of Account
Issuance of Real Property Tax Clearance
Releasing of Checks
Disbursement of Salaries/Wages/Allowances/Awards/Honoraria
Recommending Approval for the Issuance of Business Permit
Issuance of Official Receipts
Issuance of Accountable Forms
8. City Civil Registrar's OfficeOn Time Registration of Birth Certificate
Late Registration of Birth Certificate
Issuance of Certified True Copy of Civil Registry Documents Birth
Issuance of Certification Form – 1A (LCR form 1A)
Regular Filing of Death Certificate (On-time Registration)
Late Registration of Death (Delayed Registration of Death)
Issuance of Death Certification (LCR form 2A)
Issuance of Marriage License
Regular Filing of Marriage Contract (On-time Registration)
Issuance of Certified True Copies of Marriage Certificates
Issuance of Marriage Certification (LCR Form 3A)
(A.) Correction of Clerical Error (RA 9048)
(B.) Change of First Name (RA 9048), (C.) Correction of Sex and Date of Birth (RA 10172)
Legitimation by Subsequent Marriage R.A. 9858 Legitimation of Children Born to Parents below Marrying Age
R.A. 9255 - An Act Allowing Illegitimate Children to Use the Surname of their Father
9. City Budget OfficeProcessing of Obligation Request (ObR)
Pre-review of Barangay Annual and Supplemental Budgets
10. City Accounting OfficePre-audit and Control of Vouchers
Pre-audit and Control of Payrolls
11. City Assessor's OfficeIssuance of Tax Declaration for Land, Building and Machinery
Issuance of Plain/Certified True Copy of Tax Declaration
Issuance of Property Index Number (PIN) for Business Permits Applicants
Property Identification
Historical Research of Real Properties
12. City General Services OfficeGranting of Clearance for Property, Plant & Equipment Accountability
Granting of Permit to Use Government Facilities, Parks & Plazas
Maintenance Services for Office Air-conditioning Units
13. Gregorio T. Lluch Memorial HospitalAssist and Assess Availment of Patient’s Laboratory Discounts
Facilitate and Mobilize Patients without Watcher
Facilitate in the Granting of Medical Assistance Fund Program (MAFP) or Discount of Hospital Bill
Registration of Patient to the Philhealth Point of Care (POC)
Referral of Patients to the Phil. Charity Sweepstakes Office & the Dept. of Social Welfare & Devt.
Screening of Patient in the Out Patient Department
Performance of Laboratory Examinations
Admission of Philhealth Patient
Facilitation of Discharge Philhealth Patient
Preparation/Issuance of Certificate of Live Birth
Preparation/Issuance of Certification for Phil Health Enrolment of a New Born Child
Issuance of Medical Certificate
Issuance of Death Certificate
Hospital Bill Payment
14. City Health OfficeIssuance of Laboratory Examination Results
Delivery of Dental Services
Issuance of Health Certificate for Food Handlers
Issuance of Sanitary Permit for Water Refilling Station
Granting of Out-patient Medical Consultation
Delivery of Animal Bites Center (ABC) Services
Detection and Treatment of All Forms of Tuberculosis Services
Issuance of Medical Certificate to Clients who are Undergoing Treatment and Clients who completed the Tuberculosis Dots Treatment Program
Issuance of Health/Medical Certificate for Non-food Handlers
15. City Engineer's OfficeProcessing of Building Permit
Approval of Building Permit
Processing of Occupancy Permit
Approval of Occupancy Permit
Issuance of Certification of Approved Building Permit/Occupancy Permit
Preparation of Program of Work for National Offices
Provide Assistance for Road Right-of-Way Conflicts
Issuance of Excavation Permit for Water Connection
Issuance of Certification for Road Right-of-Way for Loan Purposes
Implementation of Project by Contract
Implementation of Project by Administration
Laboratory Testing by Administration/Contract
Provide Assistance for the Repair and Maintenance of Barangay Roads and Bridges by Administration/Contract
Provide Vehicle/Equipment for Project/Work, to Ferry/Fetch Personnel and for Rescue of Defective Units
Provide Heavy Equipment for the Maintenance of Roads and Implementation of Construction Works/Projects
Issuance of Certification for Carwash Permit
16. City Environment Mgt. OfficeIssuance of Environmental Certifications
Issuance of Industrial, Commercial Sand and Gravel and Quarry Permit
Provision of Environmental Information/Data Environmental Laws
Issuance of Forest Tree Seedlings and Mangrove Propagules for Tree Planters/Growers
Direct Disposal of Garbage at the Central Material Recovery Facility (CMRCF)
Waste Collection and Disposal
Recyclable Waste, Stocks and Fertilizers at the Central Material Recovery Facility - CMRCF Warehouse
17. Iligan City Waterworks SystemApplication for Senior Citizen's Discount
Customer Care Services
Water Supply Improvement Engineering and Programming Services
Water Supply Complaints Response Services
Request for Physical - Chemical Laboratory Services
Approval of Application for Water Service Connections (New/Separate/Transfer)
18. Economic Enterprise Development & Mgt. OfficeLeasing of Public Market Stalls to the Public
Issuance of Burial Permit
Leasing of Space at Week-end Night Market and Café
Issuance of Trip Tickets at IBJT North and South
Leasing Space at IBJT - Northbound
Provision of Animal Butchery Services at the Slaughterhouse
Provision of Space for Entrance of Fish Dealers
19. City Veterinarian's OfficeProvision of Animal Treatment Services (Walk-in)
Rabies Vaccination (Walk-in)
Provision of Scheduled Rabies Vaccination in Barangays
On-call Large Ruminant (Cattle and Buffalo) Artificial Insemination
Conduct of Ante-mortem and Post Mortem Meat Inspection
On-call Treatment of Sick Animals
On-call Piglet Castration and Vitamin Administration
On-call Piglet Iron Administration
On-call Swine Artificial Insemination
Voluntary Impounding of Pet Animal/s
Post Abattoir Meat Inspection
Village Large Ruminant Estrus Synchronization and Artificial Insemination
Provide Free Spay and Neuter Services in Barangays
Provide Free Spay and Neuter Services (Walk-in)
20. City Social Welfare Development OfficeCrisis Intervention Unit - Balik Probinsya and Assistance to Individuals in Crisis Situation
Child Welfare Program - Day Care Service (with Supplemental Feeding)
Child Welfare Program – Protective Service (Child Custody)
Child Welfare Program – Protective Service (Children Victims of Slight Physical Injuries, Abuse)
Child Welfare Program - Protective Services Walk – In/Referred
Child Welfare Program - Rescue of Child Victims of Various Forms of Abuse
Child Welfare Program - Protective Services for Children in Conflict with the Law
Emergency Assistance Welfare Program - Relief Assistance and Critical Incident Stress Debriefing
Family Welfare Program - Special Social Services for Solo Parents
Family Welfare Program - Community-based Services for Solo Parents
Family Welfare Program - Marriage and Family Counseling Service
Family Welfare Program - Vocational, Practical Skills Training
Indigenous People - Empowerment and Livelihood Service
City Livelihood Assistance Program(CLAP) Loan
Youth Welfare Program - Community-Based Services for Out-of-School Youth
PWDs Welfare Program - Community-Based Services for PWDs
Senior Citizens, Elderly Persons and PWDS Welfare Program - Assistance for Physical Restoration
Persons with Disabilities Welfare Program - Special Social Services for PWDs
Persons with Disabilities Welfare Program - Job Placement
Senior Citizens, Elderly Persons Welfare Program - Special Social Services for Senior Citizens
Senior Citizens, Elderly Persons Welfare Program - Availment of Social Pension
Senior Citizens, Elderly Persons Welfare Program Welfare Program - Community-Based Services for SCs
Women’s Welfare Program - Protective Service for Abused Women (VAWC)
Women’s Welfare Program - Rescue Service for Abused Women (VAWC)
Women’s Welfare Program - Community-based Services for Disadvantaged Women, KALIPI
Youth Welfare Program - Sharing Computer Access Locally and Abroad (SCALA) - (Computer-Literacy Program)
Youth Welfare Program - Vocational, Technical Skills Development
Youth Welfare Program - Capital Assistance
Youth Welfare Program - Job Placement
21. City Agriculture OfficeGranting of Request for an Agricultural Technical and Extension Services
Availment of Livestock Dispersal Program
Provision of Soil Sampling Analysis
Provision of Farm Tractor and other Agricultural Farm Equipment Services
Issuance of Registration for Fishermen & Fishing Vessels
Selling of Agricultural Products from Farm to Market
22. City Development and Livelihood OfficeGranting Loan Under City Livelihood Assistance Program (CLAP)
Granting Livelihood Support / Assistance
Granting of Livelihood Training