Monday, July 04, 2022

Annual Procurement Plan

Full Disclosure-6-19-2014(1)

LGU- Form No. 14b - All Departments2022
LGU- Form No. 14b - All Departments2021
LGU- Form No. 14b - All Departments2019
LGU- Form No. 14b - All Departments2018
LGU- Form No. 14b - All Departments2017
LGU- Form No. 14b - All DepartmentsAnnual Procurement List2016
LGU- Form No. 14b - All DepartmentsAnnual Procurement List2015
LGU- Form No. 14b - All DepartmentsAnnual Procurement List2014
LGU- Form No.2-do-
Building & Industrial Safety Inspection Services DivisionOffice Supply, Traveling Expenses,Gasoline,
City Auditor OfficeMaintenance and other operating expenses-do-
City Adminitrator's Office(Admin)Office Supplies and other Maintenance Expenses-do-
City Assessor's OfficeOffice Supplies -do-
BAC OfficeOffice Supplies -do-
City Budget Office 2014Office Supplies Expenses, Internet Expenses,
CGSO 2014Telephone Expense-do-
CHRMO Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses-do-
CPDOOffice Supplies,
Cooperative Development & Livelihood Office
Capital Outlay-do-
Cooperative Development & Livelihood Office
Livelihood Projects and Programs-do-
CEO Bldg. & Industrial Safety Inspection 2014Current Operating Expenditure A. Office Supplies,
Cooperative Development & Livelihood OfficeOffice Supply-do-
City Engineers OfficeFor Relocation, Maintenance and other Expenses-do-
City Engineer's OfficeTraveling Exp.,Office Supply,Gasoline Exp,
City Environment's OfficeOffice Supply,
City Health OfficeGasoline,
City Mayors ADMIN APP 2014Other Maintenance and Operating Expenses-do-
City Mayor's Office(Housing and Resettlement Office)Maintenance and Operating Expenses-do-
City Mayor's Office(City Information Office)Public Information Fund, Office Supplies,
City Mayor's Office(Law Enforcement Board)Honorarium, Communication Allowance,
Sangguniang Panlungsod Budget allocation&Lump Sum Appropriation for the OSCAGasoline, Oil and Lubricants Expense,-do-
Sangguniang Panlungsod APP 2014Maintenance and other Operating Expenses-do-
Sports Office APP 2014
Cash Incentives,
City Social Welfare and Dev.Office(SEA -Kaunlaran Division)Supplies-do-
Public Service DivisionTraveling Expense,Office Supplies,
RTC Branch 01 Iligan CityMaintenance and other Operating Expenses-do-
City Treasurer's Office
Office Supply & Other Operating Expenses-do-
City Treasurer's OfficeMaintenance and Other Operating Expenses-do-
Traffic Management Office 2014
Office Supplies,
City Budget OfficeOffice Supply Expenses2013
City Treasurer's OfficeOther Maintenance & OperatingExpenses,
Accountable Forms, Traveling Expenses,
Repair & Maintenance of Motor Vehicles,
Telephone Espenses-Landline
City Treasurer's OfficeSupplies and Materials(RPTA-Land Tax)-do-
City Treasurer's OfficeOffice Supply Expenses-do-
City Budget OfficeOffice Supply Expenses-do-
City Environment OfficeImplementation of Itegrated Coastal Resource Mgt. Plan for I.C. -do-
CAD Iligan City Traffic Management OfficePurchase of Uniforms,Maintenance of motorcycles,purchase of citations,
City Auditor's OfficeExamine, Audit, and Settle, with the law and regulation on all acoounts....-do-
APP 2014 City Human Resource Management OfficeMaintenance & Other Operating Expenses
Public Employment & Services Office
Welfare & Benefits Division
Recruitment Division
Training and Development Division
Administrative Division
City General Service OfficeMaintenance and Operating Expense-do-
City Parole and ProbationMaintenance and Operating Supply-do-
CMO AdminTraveling
City General Services OfficeRepair and Improvement of City Hall Bldg. and Premises-do-
CSWD Bantay BataTraveling Expenses and Wages of House Parent-do-
Office SupplyOffice Supply-do-
City Agriculturist OfficePlant Nursery Supply and Materials-do-
City Agriculturist OfficeLaboratory Chemical-do-
City Acounting OfficeRepairs and Maintenance-IT Equiptment & Software-do-
Traffic Management Office APP 2013Traffic Uniform, Maintenance,